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Tropicana Famous since the 40's with Cabaret Style Shows

Hotel Nacional Same as Tropicana, show rating" is "just under the Tropicana

Bodeguita del Medio- Made famous by Hemingway, known for its Mojito

Floridita- Birthplace of the Daiquiri

Scuba Diving -from our experience Maria La Gorda

Knowing Cuba Info: Conoce a Cuba. Cuba and World Travel Information.


Birthplace of the Cuba Libre and Daiquiri- La Floridita

Hemingway sólo le bastó una visita al Floridita para quedar prendado por siempre de uno de los más
emblemáticos rincones de la Habana y de Cuba y de “La Cuna del Daiquirí”

Hemingway only needed one visit to become attached to one of his "corners of Havana" and where it is claimed to have that the Daiquiri started.


Birthplace of the Mojito Bodeguita del Medio

The Bodeguita del Medio lays claim to being the birthplace of the Mojito cocktail, prepared in the bar since its opening in 1942 and we often also frequented by Hemingway and others.

La Bodeguita del Medio reclama ser La Cuna del Mojito" y fue frequentemente visitado por personas famosas que incluyen Hemingway.



Most famous of Cuban Cabarets that rivaled the best in the world during its hay days. Tropicana Cabaret

One of the top 10 Scuba Diving locations worldwide. Maria la Gorda- Pinar del Rio, Cuba



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