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Who/How one may travel to Cuba Click on link

A US citizen may travel to Cuba under one of several "licenses",  click on link  for details.

Once you have qualified you may get a Visa which cost $200
(anyone born in Cuba may have additional charges added) and is valid for a 90 day "window" of travel.
You then may stay in Cuba up to 30 days.

Cuban born travelers may find a Cuban Passport more useful. Link will show you how to obtain one.
You may obtain a Cuban passport for $ 400 and is valid for 6 years (sort of) at the end of the 1st 2 year period, you must renew it for $200 and at the end of the 2nd 2 year period, you must renew it again. (Total cost for the 6 years is $800...payable in parts if you choose to renew the parts. No visa is required for travel by Cuba.

Please NOTE, you may be asked for proof of RESIDENCE / CITIZENSHIP when re-entering the USA. - US  CUBA specific travel information

We only address legal ways and therefore will not put any details regarding flying to / from Cuba using Cancun or other entry points.