My Own Travel situation

This is an analysis of my own situation, may / may not apply to you. I have placed it here as a guideline only.
Aqui esta un analisis de mi situacion, puede que la de usted sea igual o diferente, esto es nada mas para servir como una guia general.

I came from Cuba prior to 1970, so I am able to travel w an America Passport, others may as well.
I am more about illustrating the "costs" of going to Cuba from Dallas as a Cuban.

With an American Passport - No Group or organized Trip

American Passport: $ 150 (variations exist-I will use this for demo only.
Visa for Cubans: $200 (supposedly), but my cousin had to pay an addition $ 250- her American husband only paid $ 200
*Visa is good for 90 days or 6 months and Traveler can stay 30 days)
Flight to Miami: $200
Flight to Cuba:  $450
TOTAL $ 1000 + or -

With a Cuban passport:
Passport: $ 400 *valid for 6 years BUT must be renewed every 2, so for it to be valid all 6 years is $800. ($400 upfront)
No "visa"  is required, other paperwork is, but no cost associated with it.
Length of Travel / Length of stay: not restricted by visa. 
Flight to Miami: $200
Flight to Cuba: $450
TOTAL $ 1050 + or -

Going illegally through Cancun:
American Passport: $ 150 (variations exist-I will use this for demo only.
No Visa and Cuban government does not stamp passport.
Flight to Cancun: $450
Flight to Cuba: $400
TOTAL $ 1000 + or -
MY POINT IS, that it is not worth the risk to go illegally from Dallas, the money difference is not worth it.