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The information herein is subject to change without notice. Therefore, it is the individual's own responsibility to confirm all
information and to not rely solely on ours.

*This website has been created as a "facilitating" tool for traveling to Cuba. It was when I started to travel to Cuba myself, that I
realized the many classifications and variations for travel that exist.
It is my intention to make the process easier.
We will continue to add information, so visit before traveling.

Esta pagina web fue creada para facilitar como encontrar informacion sobre viajes a Cuba, no somos una agencia, usen los "links" para encontrar informacion. Continuaremos agregandole informacion.
Revisen y pregunten todo, no usen solo la informacion de estas paginas como la unica informacion principal.

At this time, we do not take any payments as we are only facilitators, the future has not yet been written on this part.
En este momento no aceptamos pagos pues nosotros nada mas estamos ayudando, pero quien sabe lo que pase en el futuro.